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Still trying to set a Precedent for a First Amendment Platform for We the People

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My 1st Amendment right of Freedom of Speech is very important to me.
I hear there is a Revolution coming. Will you do your part or just talk about it?
Educating and enlightening people on subjects that have been taboo, misconstrued, and lied about.

What will you do how far will you go to defend your Freedoms? 


Researching and Developing Glow in the Dark and Photoluminescent Safety Products for over 35 years.


 Public Safety in many aspects remains in the forefront of my goals to be Social Entrepreneur. A plan to revolutionize the US economy using the profits to heal the disease and decay in Society.


How glolady became GLoLady produced at URTV 

Western North Carolina Community Media Center in 2008. 

Many other videos are on so Please check them out. 

Now VIEWED IN 167 Countries around the World! 

GLoLady Enlightening the Masses as a Spiritual Teacher.

Wise Woman of a Wise Craft Clips of GLoLady's Former live streaming International talk show. GLoLady TV and GLo' Karmic. URTV Public Access Television was closed due to Buncombe County Commissioners denial of funding and 

intent to Silence the people's voice. 

James Crouch provided the Theme Music for 

GLoLady TV

The Sustainable Resolution 

Medical Cannabis & Industrial Hemp


One of the TV shows that I Co-Produced and I learned much 

valuable Truth from. The Sustainable Resolution live on 42711 with 

Host Dr Milton Byrd and guest  Ben Scales author of HB 577

Medical Cannabis Act of North Carolina. 


An original song by Virginia Waite, a street performer 

in Asheville, NC. Produced at URTV Western North Carolina Community Center in Asheville, NC. This was the theme 

song for The Sustainable Resolution, a live weekly series 

on Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp.


GLoLady TV shows hosted on 

Spiritsong otherwise known as Mary O'Shannon was
the guest on GLo'Karmic March 11, 2011. GLoLady and Co-host
Connie 'Shannon" Knapik discussed keeping a positive attitude
in these challenging times. Kelly M Beard follows up with
Karmic Tools.


Dr Suka Chapel discusses Brain balance for alcoholics

Dr. Suka Chapel was the guest on GLoLady TV September 3, 2010. A wealth of information. She discussed alcoholism and the chemical imbalance of the brain. The information should be vital public knowledge. 

Part of a series celebrating 

GLoLady is the Host Shannon is the Co-Host.

Autism with Maurene McDonnell

   On GLoLady TV July 7, 2010 Maurene McDonnell discusses causes and solutions for Autism with GLoLady and Connie "Shannon" Knapik.

What's Really Going On In WNC?

One of the TV shows that I Co-Produced at URTV. This
show is one of the reasons that the Buncombe County
Commissioners denied the funding of the Public Access
Station in Asheville. To Cover-up the corruption
in local Government.





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